Rohit Phillips

Dog Lover, Video Gamer, Traveler & Life Enthusiast

HI, I'm Rohit

I have been passionate about computer games since the age of (11) and carried through with this passion to adulthood. I got into Mechnical Engineering to specialize in 3D solid design because of which, I could transition seamlessly over to Computer Science to work in UI/UX. My extensive exposure to both these fields along with a gaming background has allowed me to absorb the different intricacies present in the various, highly marketed and popular fields.

I've had the privilege of working at two mid-sized organizations, requiring a variety of skills in the role of a Research Analyst and a Production Coordinator at NJEdge. My work included building market opportunities around game changing products like ThreatModeler for MyApp and NJVid for NJEdge. I worked with the Product Development team to find and resolve any bugs in the beta stage of the products. I was able to work cohesively in a team that lead to the successful launch/ creation of a releasebuild.

The experience of working on various projects during the course of my graduation from MCC and at MyAppSecurity has helped me understand the dynamics of working in a team and has improved my technical skills tenfold. And working at NJEDge honed my skills of web development & UI Design.


Instructional Design Symposium

User Services Symposium

Amwell Eye Care


Faculty Showcase

NJEDge Annual Conference


  • December 2013 – May 2015

    Web Developer/ Encoding Specialist at NJEDge.

    Served as the primary design lead for NJEDGe which is New Jersey’s premier digital video streaming and repository portal in the field of Higher Education.

  • September 2011 - August 2012

    Research Analyst at MyAppSecurity

    Researched counter measures and test cases for software vulnerabilities for use within ThreatModeler and SDL+

  • May 2010 - September 2010

    Design Intern at Wrapade

    Worked on the VXL50P tablet/Capsule Pouch Packaging Machine On ProE

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